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Jeyhun Osmanli: “Clinton’s meeting with youth shows US interest in strong ties with Azerbaijan”

Jeyhun Osmanli

APA interviews Jeyhun Osmanli, chairman of the Ireli public union.

What are your impressions of the meeting with the US Secretary of State?

I would like to note that in the beginning of the meeting Mrs. Clinton said she had come not only to speak but also to listen. The meeting was allotted 20 minutes by the protocol, but it lasted for 50 minutes. Another interesting moment is that there was an opinion spread in the post-Soviet area that the United States are going to give away its interests in the post-Soviet countries in favor of its definite interests.

The route of the tourney – Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia- was not chosen by accident. The visit has showed that the United States has its interests in these five countries and it will continue its activity here in line with its interests. The meeting with the youth showed that the United States are interested in strong ties with Azerbaijan both today and tomorrow. This was also a message to the people who say ‘The interest to Azerbaijan with weaken as soon as its energy resources are exhausted’.

Which issues did the Azerbaijani young people showed interest in?

It was not so easy for Azerbaijan to build and develop friendly relations with the United States, since it is surrounded with Russia, Iran and Armenia, which is contrary to the US interests. Armenia is, in fact, the outpost of Russia. What does the United States promise to Azerbaijan instead? Clinton has declared three moments on Azerbaijan that create concern in Obama’s administration.

She listed the Karabakh conflict among them saying she wishes this conflict to be settled during her term. The Secretary of State said she had always put efforts to settle the Karabakh conflict, which were in vain, however. She stressed that her visit will give a new impetus to the settlement process and pledged to continue efforts in this direction. Mrs.Clinton noted that the United States will keep this issues under control, as a country co-chairing in the Minsk Group.

Azerbaijan’s security is the second priority issue for the United States. She said some countries and some people cannot accept the independence of Azerbaijan. In these conditions, the United States is closely watching the issues related to the security of Azerbaijan’s border, of oil pipelines and political security, as well as other issues of national security of Azerbaijan and in these cases the United States will be next to Azerbaijan.

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