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News.Az interviews Jeyhun Osmanli, chairman of the Ireli public union.

What does Ireli plan to do following its campaign in European cities? Was the campaign effective?

We held events and actions in eight European countries. The actions were organized by Azerbaijani students and representatives of the younger generation in Azerbaijani diaspora organizations. The actions were effective as a logical continuation of the protest at the Euronews office in Lyon [about a biased programme on Karabakh]. After 26 February we received a great many positive comments both from abroad and from Azerbaijan. This gives us strength for larger scale events. I would also like to note that the events were covered by the media of the country where they were held.

The Khojaly genocide cannot be forgotten and we will try to keep it on the agenda of the world community.

What do you think of the decision of the US House of Representatives committee on the Armenian issue?

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Nagorno Karabakh belongs to our ancestors and future generations

Head of the Ireli public movement has shared his opinion regarding the tragic events in Khojaly.

On December 24 we took part in the presentation of the video on Khojaly tragedy taken within the framework of the campaign “Justice for Khojaly”.

The statement came from head of the Ireli public movement Jeyhun Osmanly .

“Our current goal is to advocate this video via foreign mass medias for more people to be able to watch it abroad”, he said.

According to Osmanly, the campaign “Justice for Khojaly” has turned into the factor uniting Azerbaijanis.

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Azerbaijan to refuse visas to Freedom House?

We are closely watching the process of allocating funds to Nagorno Karabakh separatists by the US Senate.

We have sent our protest to the US Embassy and now we are going to send a protest to the House of Representatives, said chairman of the Ireli public association Jeyhun Osmanli .

He said the United States is a country that protects international law and if it wants to rule the world on the basis of justice, it should pay attention to this issue.

“If today the United States are taking steps contradicting to international law, this issue will be set before the United States as an argument by the countries which take a different position towards us”, he said.

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