‘IRELI’ Public Union sends letter to US Senators

The letter says:

‘Dear Mrs. Boxer!

Please accept our greetings and wishes of success for you and your voters. The postponed appointment of Mr. Bryza as US Ambassador to Azerbaijan following your objection has caused a great deal of disappointment in the Azerbaijani public and the ‘Ireli’ Public Union – the biggest youth organization of Azerbaijan (more at http://www.ireli.az).

Your recent statements regarding the Armenian-occupied Azerbaijani territories have led to legitimate concerns in Azerbaijan’s public and political circles and revealed the erroneous nature of your views regarding Azerbaijan. These statements run counter to both historical facts and the official position of the US government. The fact that Mr. Matthew Bryza is a fair candidate is a reality and his appointment to this position would only contribute to further development of US-Azerbaijani relations.

Please be informed that the ‘Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’ is not an independent and sovereign state. In fact, it is an integral part of Azerbaijan, which is confirmed by Articles 3 and 9 of the OSCE Charter and. This region and seven districts adjacent to it were occupied by Armenian separatists in 1992-1994 and have been under illegal control of the Armenian armed forces for almost 20 years now. This case has been recognized by UN, Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE and other the most influential international organizations.

While giving a positive assessment to your contribution to contemporary US policies, we would like to express hope that your future statements are made not on the basis of emotion or electoral interests, but on the basis of historical facts and international law. Under such circumstances you will make a positive contribution to US-Azerbaijani strategic partnership relations’.

Ireli is chaired by Jeyhun Osmanli.

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